When You Reach the End of Your Rope

This morning I received an email that contained a gem of wisdom too much a treasure to not share.  It’s author is unknown, but gratefully acknowledged:

“When you reach the end of your rope,
You will find the hem of his garment.”

Whether you describe your current condition as being at the end your pier and ready to jump off its edge, your last nerve frayed, ready to snap, crack up, fall apart, or say you’re at the end of your rope, isn’t it wonderful to be reminded that to totally turn things around all you must do is extend your hand and touch the hem of His garment?

In the Bible, we’re told of the woman who had suffered for decades and tried everything and given everything she had seeking help and she still failed to be healed from her issue of blood.  Accepting that she couldn’t do it alone, she sought faith.  And she believed without doubt that if she could just get to Jesus and just touch Him–no, just his clothes!–then she’d be healed.  And she was.

Christ asked who had touched Him, which if you think about it was kind of strange because he was surrounded by people all of whom wanted to be close to Him.  But He felt this woman’s faith, her belief, and His response was that He felt virtue leave Him.  Her faith drew on His power to heal her, and it did.

We are assured that we have that potential, too.  The retelling of the story in the Bible is our evidence that it worked for her, it can work for us, too.  Through it, we’ve seen that trail blazed.  We know the path the follow for success.  We’ve been shown the way.

So if you’re frazzled or despairing, don’t.  Instead, believe, ask believing, and extend your hand. . .



c2008, Vicki Hinze


About Vicki Hinze
USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Author of 40+ books, short stories/novellas and hundreds of articles. Published in as many as 63 countries. Featured Columnist for Social-IN Worldwide Network and Book Fun Magazine. Sponsor/Founder of ChristiansRead.com & CleanReadBooks.com. FMI visit www.vickihinze.com.

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