Prince or Princess:

This weekend, I attended my littlest angel’s third birthday party.  The princess theme was evident everywhere, and all the children came dressed in costume including tiaras or crowns.  It was a wonderful party, and the children were adorable–and fascinating.  Their actions and reactions brought to mind a simple fact.  We are all sons and daughters of the King.


We forget it at times, ignore it at times, and certainly we experience times that we don’t feel much like princes and princesses.  But how we feel, what we’re experiencing or facing, does not alter the fact that we are who we are.


As children of the King, we are princes and princesses.  And, from my observations, those who are reminded, conduct themselves a bit differently.  Not just kinder and gentler, not just more decisive and solution-oriented, but it’s as if there’s a perspective shift.  The observations made aren’t solely from a “how does this impact me” point of view.  They’re from a “how does this impact” point of view.  It’s a significant shift.


We look at the bigger picture.  We seek the impact on others and ourselves.  We become better stewards and seek to serve above being served.  We grasp that we are examples, role models, that we’re the King’s examples, and others notice how we conduct ourselves and it helps set standards in others’ minds on how they should conduct themselves.  We lead not because we oppress or seek to subdue or subvert others but because others turn to us based on their perceptions of us.


If a person is known for being caring, compassionate, honest and fair and concerned for others’ well being as well as their own, and another is not known for exhibiting those traits or attributes, which of them would you turn or look to for guidance in a crisis or dilemma?


The answer is obvious.  And so the purpose of this post is to remind us all that we are the sons and daughters of the King.  We are princes and princesses.  Not pretend ones.  Not fleeting ones that depend on anything that can pass away.  Eternal ones.  And when we remember it, others become aware of it too.  Not by our speech, but by our actions.


So recognizing that we’re royalty, the question then becomes, “Are you a good prince or princess, or a bad one?”  Will you be a son or daughter who makes your King’s heart glad?  Will you remember who you are and conduct yourself accordingly?  Or will you turn from who and what you are?


It is a choice.  Because always with privilege comes responsibility.






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